Wednesday, February 18

Cupcake Girls and Seahorses

I realize that I label things as "the best thing ever" quite often, so it cheapens the label I'm about to give these cupcake girls, but these are THE BEST THINGS EVER. Johnny surprised us with cupcake girls after Hope and I were strongly hinting that we were in the mood for cupcakes, but feeling too lazy to bake any. They made us so happy, and then so sick to our stomaches. The best kind of treat.

I finished the seahorses and shipped them off today. *Sniff, sniff.* Sometimes I work on things for so long that it makes me sad to see them go. I hope the new owner will be quite pleased with them:

Tonight I'll be starting a squid. I have his plans all drawn up, so I'm hoping he'll turn out as cute as the picture. Have a wonderful night!


  1. The seahorses are just precious. Have you ever thought about making mobiles for kids rooms out of your little creations? I just love your art.

  2. Those cupcakes remind me of visiting my grandmothers house, in her bathroom she had - Im dating myself now - a toilet paper roll cover which was a doll stuffed into the hole with a crocheted dress which was made to fit over and hide the roll discreetly. Thank you and Johnny for that tickle!!

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  5. ahhh omg these are amazing..i always thought..."will she ever attempt seahorses!?"

    count me in as your future buyer :D!