Tuesday, February 10

The Custom Wave

I think Jan/Feb are the months for custom orders. Here's a rundown of what I currently have going: giraffe bride and groom cake toppers, custom suitcase, a trio of custom owls, two custom sea horses, that kitty I just completed on Saturday, and a top-secret project. My creative sect of brain is crying out in exhaustion! No, not really, but all of these things being due around the same time has my internal stress clock tick, tick, ticking. So now I'm off to continue on my path to completion. Hopefully everyone has lovely Valentine's Day plans. I'm not sure what I'm doing, but I know I am giving Hope her Blythe, and for that, I'm very excited!


  1. I know-- it makes me happy everyday. Well, not everyday because for a while I was starting to get scared that I was killing it... it started getting a bit brown... but now it is greening up again and it makes me smile bunches and bunches!

  2. Oh you are a busy bee...I can't wait to get my Gertie... you do custom seahorses?! Sounds interesting....I may see adding one of those to my collection in the near future. Relax girl, you need it!