Sunday, February 22


Ahhh. The squid is done. He is much happier than I originally imagined him, but I figured since he is a gift for someone, he could put on a happy face. So... he did. I will be sad to send him out tomorrow, you know, that attachment thing. So many custom orders racking my brain, I'm surprised this well hasn't run dry over the past month. One more to go and I'm all caught up on these things.

I left his legs all floopy (yes, floopy, it's not a typo) instead of wiring them, that way if you pick him up he looks more like a real squid. And, his feelers look like they are actually "reaching" when he sits.

In other news, Willa is making friends in the studio. She found a baby jackalope and decided to befriend him, but shortly after, he had to make his way to Dallas.

I think she fits in nicely here.