Friday, February 13

Happy Weekend, Friends!

I know it's not officially Valentine's Day, but it is Friday the 13th, so if you hate Valentine's Day and all that it stands for, enjoy your weekend by celebrating today. I, for one, love any holiday and have already given Hope her Blythe (mine came and we had to play with them together). Plus, I got the loveliest dress and we are going to see Coraline in 3D (for real this weekend) tonight.

I've been waiting for this package to arrive from Hong Kong forever now, and it came today... while I was gone. I'm never gone during the day, but today I was at a school Valentine's party, so the package I needed to sign for went back in the car with the mail lady. I spent a good part of my afternoon tracking her down and then waiting patiently for her. All of it paid off, because she's here! Now she just needs a name (Hope is talking about naming hers Coraline).

**Special thanks to a wonderful friend who fixed my camera!

I did complete one half of my seahorse couple. She's so cute in person, I feel pictures don't represent her well enough. Her body was exactly what I was hoping for, so I'm definitely pleased.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! Tell someone you love them, even if it's not inspired by a holiday!