Wednesday, February 25

It's a Sentimental Lovely Day

There used to be this regional band that I loved back in high school called Fern. Fern had a song called "Sentimental Lovely Day" and every time the weather finally turns and the sun peeks out, that song gets stuck in my head for weeks. It's actually a bit annoying after a while, but today it was perfect. Hope was out of school early and the day was gorgeous, so we set out on a little Blythe adventure. Here are a few highlights of Blythe shooting:

I finally fixed my sewing machine last night, so that polka-dotted skirt Willa is wearing was my first attempt at Blythe clothes.

Here is my little partner enjoying the day with me:

After shooting it was fun times on the trampoline. "I know, Mommy," Hope said. "You can take pictures of me while I jump."
This wasn't the first trampoline photo session, and I know it won't be the last. I'll spare you the millions of action shots, but will share my favorite of the day:

It actually looks a bit like fall, but the dollar store baseball sleeve tee, patched and ripped pants, and overall color of this picture make it one of my favorites ever. I hope you all got to enjoy the day, whatever the weather in your area. Happy Wednesday, I'm off to watch Demetri Martin and the Whitest Kids You Know...

P.S. I'll post some of Hope's pictures tomorrow. That kid seems to have an eye for shooting. Well, I was impressed...

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  1. Oh! I need to give my poor girl some attention and do a shoot. I spent the last few days updating my scrapbook. Maybe I should make an art/dolls one!