Sunday, February 15

Last Night

Okay, I know most of you may not have an appreciation for Blythe, so I apologize for posting about her so often. I did gain the courage last night to take mine apart to sand her face, AND I had the sense to take before and after pics, so forgive me for sharing but I just can't help myself.

Hope was a little peeved when she found out that hers was the guinea pig...

Here is mine, patiently waiting her turn...

Sorry if this is dorky... I successfully opened and sandmatted two Blythes on my very first try, so I was oh-so proud. Here's another bit of lameness: I named her Willa...


  1. I'm rather impressed... you are becoming quite the craft... uh... woman...

  2. just wondering why you sanded her face? i don't know much about Blythe... xoxo

  3. Her face was REALLY shiny and it made it hard to take pictures of her. Also, her makeup was a bit obnoxious, so I was happy to lessen it. Now her "skin" looks porcelain-esque, almost ethereal.