Friday, January 15

Oh Happy... Week

This week has been crazy busy... but crazy good.  We've had multiple birthday parties and multiple house guests.  I'm (hopefully) finishing up all swap partners (Don't panic if you haven't gotten yours.  It's coming.)  tonight and then relaxing with my Mr.  I think I need it before we have more house guests tomorrow. :)

Check out pretty James' blog, if you haven't already.  She's doing round 2 of Show and Tell, and it's so fun to read!
You'll find me over there showing off my favorite record.  :)

(Oh, and this boy got a MUCH needed haircut tonight!)

And, I promise to be back with more outfits (I need a name for this new blogging venture, I think... suggestions are welcome) and pictures from my week.  For now, it's resting time.  I luff you.  Katie


  1. I just found your blog via Elsie the other day and I really love it! Your posts are super interesting/inspiring and I'm happy to add you to my read list. :)

    I'm Danielle, it's nice to meet you! <3

  2. Aw, Danielle-- you are so super cute and super sweet. :) It's nice to meet you, too!

  3. Maybe Wardrobe Wearings? or Daily Dressup!?
    P.S. The typepad profile is my mom's. My blog is one of the three you can start with you're own profile.

  4. i liked your record! i was the one with the fuji instax.. but not the only one! :)