Monday, January 4

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

As promised, here are a couple more pics from snow play yesterday:

I have a ton more pictures of sledding, and holding Lucy (she's soooo pretty), and things of this nature, but you get the general idea.  It was fun and freezing, and getting dark by the time I got the camera out.  :)

Yesterday I got my first Birthday present from my dear friends Eric and Julie.  I really wasn't expecting a gift at all because we never trade, but Eric's sister makes these cute little crocheted animals and I guess I'd oggled them one too many times.  :)
Today I spent a good chunk of time taking down all of the Christmas decorations and tidying up.  I usually leave them up a bit longer, but our (TERRIBLE!) pre-lit tree decided to fizzle out... but only in the center.  It was so frustrating that I couldn't stand to look at it anymore.  It is a nice feeling to have my house back in order, though.  It inspires me to move on to the next room...

Okay, sorry to keep talking about tomorrow, but I'm SOOOO EXCITED!  I wonder what Johnny got me for my Birthday!  Annnd, it's my bday, so you'd better believe I'm going to the record store!  Fun fun.  Okay, that's enough for now... but I'm sure it's going to be magic.  xoxo Katie


  1. I am excited for you. I am glad these last few days were nice. :))

    love you!

  2. aww happy birthday! a skating party sounds like FUNNN.

  3. Aw--I hope you have a funfunfun birthday!

    You're so stinkin' cute in that picture with your gift!

  4. Happy Early Birthday! I love your little girls hat too cute!


  5. your kitty is adorable! Also, happy birthday!
    leanna x

  6. Happy Birthday(early)! I will be celebrating mine in 14 more days!! I hope that you get everything that you wish for! Have a great day!


  7. I hope you have a lovely birthday! (and I hope you get that Blythe!!! I've been eyeing another one too...the Sunshine Holiday girl...)
    Your kitty is so cute! What a sweet face.
    Happy Birthday!

  8. love your b-day theme...can't wait to hear what you get
    happy 28th...we just got our first snow in a while. magical!

  9. Happy Birthday!! You share your day with my 4 yr old girl, a feisty Capricorn-is there any other? ;-)

  10. Ooh, is there a link to where your friend's sister sells these knitted creatures?

    I'd love to see a better pic of it XD

  11. oh gosh ur daughter is soo adorable! and that hello kitty bonnet! well i sure hope you have an awesome birthday, cannot wait to read about it! :D

  12. Also... I made a blog award that I'm giving you... because your blog is always so much fun to read :)

  13. I discovered your blog recently and I loooooove reading it, beautiful pictures and lovely tastes !!!thanks for sharing and happy birthday !!!have fun.
    xoxo from south of france

  14. Hope you have a fantastic Birthday tomorrow!! xx

  15. Our pre-lit tree did the same thing.. I just added a string of lights in the center. You can't tell unless you look really close. Happy early birthday! :)

  16. I added your blog button to my blog :)
    Happy Birthday <3