Wednesday, January 6

B-day Celebration...

Well, as a lot of my Twitter pals already know, there was no skating to be had for my friends and myself this evening.  When I found out at lunch that every single roller rink in Springfield would be closed (on the same day, mind you), I just wanted to cry.  Buuuut... I have amazing friends, and I had an amazing day despite my intended rigidity toward the plans I'd previously made.

Elsie met me for thrifting with her posse (Jeremy, Emma, and Caleb).  It was great to meet her sweet sister Emma and to just get to hang out for a while.

Pluuuuus... Hope found old roller derby skates that I let her try on (and absolutely couldn't say no to after they hit her feet).  :)

All taken by pretty Elsie.  :)

Then, we met up with a couple more sweetie friends (Rebecca, Rethaniel, and Soren!) for coffee and yummy muffins.  I wish I had taken pictures while we were with them, but you know, I got distracted by thoughtful gifts and hugs. :)

Then, we headed over to see Erin and Will... who really just topped it all off.  They had made dinner and baked me Birthday brownies.  It's so special to have such amazing friends.  Really.  After dinner Erin and I did a shortish product shoot for her Etsy update tomorrow.

It was silly!!!  I will have more photos of birthday shenanigans hopefully tomorrow.  Thank you EVERYONE for the birthday wishes.  You helped make today magical!

I'm off to enjoy the new Black Crowes dvd.  If you like this band at all, you should see this!  Their new album is all live and this is a "making of" that album.  They are SO impressive.  Good night.  xo Katie


  1. Simply: I love you and am happy you had a good day. :)

  2. bummer about the skating but I am glad that you had a good birthday despite it. Happy Birthday!

  3. Good to hear you had an awesome birthday! :"D Happy birthday!~

  4. Happy Birthday, sounds like you had a good one! And I love the pictures!

  5. I'm sorry about the skating thing, but I'm really happy you had fun, you have a happy birthday! :D

  6. pffft! i wanted to go rollerskating a few weeks ago with my daughters and they roller rink was closed then!!its a conspiracy against asweome i tell ya!!!
    well atleast you have some super sweet friends!!happy birthday!!!
    (thats confetti) ;)

  7. Sorry about the skating, but I am glad that you had a great day otherwise! Great photos!


  8. Glad you had a happy birthday, Katie! I hope to meet you in person at Erin's birthday bash in March!!! That pic of you and Erin is the best thing ever, lol.

  9. That stinks about the roller skating...we were sad when they took out the roller rink in our town and put an Ace Hardware in place of it :(
    We went and hung out with Elsie a couple years back for my wife's bday and it was a blast! Great place to hang for a bday!

  10. congrats! my biday is also at january the fifth :D

  11. Happy belated birthday!

    Glad to hear your big day was extra special!


  12. Glad you enjoyed your birthday, looked fun!

  13. What fun! I'm glad you're enjoying your day even though you couldn't go skating. If you came up to North Dakota you could go ice skating. If you dress in 5 layers. You have a wonderful blog here and I can't wait to see what you post next.

  14. Glad you had a great birthday xx

  15. Sorry I'm so late--we're justing getting going over here on this side of the world. Happy Birthday TO YOU! Happy Birthday TO YOU! Happy Birthday etc. I miss you so much and am sorry all the rinks were closed. silly. Remember my skating birthday? I suppose that rink is long gone.

    It looks like you still had a beautiful day and that you can make anything look fantastic. I've always been in awe of your beauty--outward and creativitivly (like that word? I made it up for you). Love, AMY

  16. thrifting in Springfield sounds like the perfect thing to add to a great birthday! Elsie showed me some awesome places too.... and from the looks of that photo with Erin, you got the little panda brooch from Funtiques?? I was eyeing in up when I was there last time! :) adorable.
    Happy belated birthday!

  17. happy birthday! [kinda late-ish...sorry about that...]

    your birthday still sounded like fun even without the skating!