Saturday, January 2

Goal Sharing

I sat down last night and got a good number of goals written out.  I'm still not finished, but I figure there is no harm in taking some time and really thinking it out.  Click picture to view large:

1.  Have a great birthday #28!
2.  Send at least 10 random gifts this year!
3.  Crochet a pretty blankie.
4.  Teach Hope how to sew with a machine.
5.  Stay true to fitness (no matter the season).
6.  Skunkboy t-shirts!!!
7.  Sell this house.
8.  Find a place I LOVE.
9.  Do another Renegade (or 2)!
10.  New glasses!
11.  Blog make-over
12.  Finish customizing Blythe (you know the one!)
13.  Get a new computer!
14.  Make stop-motion film w/Elsie!
15.  Acquire pretty new (old) dollhouse.
16.  Do a monthly craft w/Hope.
17.  Get a set together w/Johnny.
18.  Have a garage sale!
19.  Do a "just for fun" shoot w/Erin.
20.  Record 1 song where we are entirely happy with the results!
21.  See at least 2 great shows.
22.  Visit Christin in PA!!!
23.  Make a Blythe-size dollhouse.  
24.  Find those grey LEATHER boots!
I'm on 25 and still going.  Some of those are small goals, and some are much larger.  If you noticed that I have "'acquire a dollhouse"' and "make a dollhouse", well, I decided that we needed another dollhouse, one primarily for Blythes.  As I looked and looked last night, I decided that it would be much more fun to make one!  So, I will surely find another beautiful house at a flea market, but the dream one will be made by hand.  :)

My suitcase shelves look great no matter what they are housing!

Hope and I have been making cute Blythe headbands with her knitting machine.  So much fun!!!

I hope you have a great Saturday evening!  xoxo Katie

P.S.  Just in case you were wondering (ahem, Johnny), I'm yearning for this:

Good night.  <3


  1. Those are some great goals! I am working on mine this weekend.

  2. What a great list of goals! A skunkboy t-shirt would be cute I am sure! Where did you get that knitting machine, my daughter would love that(I would too)! Good luck and I am sure that you will reach them all!

  3. Thanks, Vivianna! Mine keeps growing...

    Meg-- it's vintage from a flea market. It works perfectly... I was thrilled!

  4. I love writing out New Year's Resolutions/Goals. It's so much fun to see your ideas on paper. You have lots of great ones!
    It's funny that you are talking about finding a doll house, just the other day I was on Etsy searching. I just love miniature things. Then I remembered that there is an old doll house of mine in the rafters of my parents barn - I should pull that out again sometime. It was one where you put it together, paint it, add all the interior stuff - I think it is probably half done! Maybe this year I should finally finish it! :)
    Happy New Year!

  5. hats a great list!!!! i wrote some stuff down but am still thinking over things that really matter to me to accomplish :) oh and um your #6 is very great!! i want a shirt!!!!

  6. Looks like a great list! Good luck :)

  7. you look very va va voom in that picture! love the polka dot headband!

  8. awesome! i want to send lots more happy mail this year too! making a dollhouse would be oh soooo fun! and collecting vintage doll house furniture! oohhh :)


  9. Aww, I love your Blythes! I just did a major overhaul on my lounging lovely. I have two "blythes in a cup". The Hello Kitty was is amazing! Where did you buy your silver chips at? I am going to try some from This is blythe.

  10. Aww, i wish you well on completing your list :D your blythes are the next cutest things after you guys :3

  11. You are sooo talented.
    I can't believe that you made a dollhouse in a suitcase! Awesome. :)

  12. I m gonna make a list too! fist thing in the morning, when im done with my vacation! p.s. that knitting machine is crazy insane!

  13. Getting new glasses and have a great 28th birthday are definitely goals for me, too!

  14. Caitlin: I got all of my eyechips from This is Blythe. I love the grab bag where they send you bunches and then you get to pick and choose!

    Thanks everyone for supports. I love you!!!

  15. I love the list!

    And please keep us updated on the Blythe dollhouse! I own Pullips myself so I'd love to see what you come up with for everything! :)

  16. i love it! i think my main goal at the moment is to write my goals down. traveling over the resolution season put a serious crimp in my list-making. but i like yours! and thanks for the reminder of the wondrous knit-magic machine - i wish i'd kept mine. i loved it.

  17. i LOVE your shelves! it's so inspiring! your blog is one of my biggest go-to's for inspiration so if it is alright i posted your button on my blog in order to get more people in love with your cute creativity! p.s. i'll also be posting pictures of my new "snail" mail on my blog soon.

  18. Have you seen the oob pics of ribonetta?? she has some crazy fringe going on but she is gorgeous, although so so pricey if only they had her in a lottery for cheaper <3
    I hope you get her shes just perfffect (even with bad quality control hair, but that seems the norm these days)

    your b girls are cuute.