Sunday, January 3

Adventures in Frostiness

We got snow!!!  We went out to play in it, but I mostly just ended up petting and holding Lucy.  She's such a pretty kitty.

I'll be back tomorrow to share, share, share, but for tonight I think I'll just post a picture and say "happy night!"  *loves* Katie


  1. Amazing how a simple picture can look so pretty! She is a mancoon kitty, right? We have one named Steve, man do they talk allot! Good night!

  2. Meg, I don't know what that means, but she sure does talk a TON. Like, all day and night. We found her starving in the woods last winter, so we don't know much about her.

  3. what a pretty cat.

    and picture!

  4. a mancoon is a breed of cat, they usually have long hair and they call them mancoons because they use their paws like a raccoon does and they usually talks allot and very loudly, well at least that is what my husband explained to me.

  5. ps, maancoon kitty also = Maine Coon which might help in web searches...

    they're very... large cats:


  6. i was kinda wondering where do you get your blythe dolls from? i want one but i dont want to get ripped off.thanks

  7. Beautiful picture! Wishing you could send some of that snow to St. Louis - the kids are dying to try out their new sleds. Wishing you a happy new year!

  8. Lucy is adorable - so sweet and fluffy! :)