Monday, January 18

Craft Swap Part 2

Okay, so by now everyone should have a partner.  If you don't have a partner, that means your email got lost somewhere in cyberspace, and you need to email me again.  The next step in this swap of swaps is to contact your partner.  Please feel free to talk openly about what you are making, that way, you can both get an idea of what standards are being set.  Eeeeeee!  This is exciting!  Also, please join our Flickr group to upload pictures of what you are making, and pictures of what you receive! 

Speaking of crafting, I made a cute Blythe sized beret to match Hope's beret that I made sometime last week.  I typically get car sick if I don't watch the road, but I crocheted for about an hour and a half, and was totally fine.  I think that is a bit of good information to have next time I take a "real" roadtrip.  :)

One more thing, if you haven't heard back from your partner, give it a couple of days and then email me again.  I want everyone paired up with someone who is serious about the swap.  Okay, I'm off to work on my newbies for my shop update this week.  Happy crafting!!!  xoxo Katie


  1. Yay! Did I miss you post the deadline for shipping? I can't seem to find it.

    I'm excited, I just replied back to my swap partner and am anxious to make some goodies especially for her!

  2. Oop, never mind, I found it! Monday January 25th it is!

  3. I just came across your blog and I'm thrilled about it!
    Such a happy corner of the internet!
    I hope you host another swap. I'd love to participate.
    I'll be checking back :)

  4. eeeek! I am excited! I have my partner & we have been emailing back & forth! Thank you for doing this its just the fun I was looking for!


  5. I still haven't heard from my partner, so I'll email ya next week monday if everything is still silent from their end :) (I emailed them a few days ago)

  6. That Blythe hat is too cute! I need to make a couple for my girls. :)

  7. Hi. i didn't get my email, my address is

    love the Blythe hat.


  8. I got my email & heard from my partner. I am super excited!! :) Love the Blythe beret.. so cute!

  9. Alexandra, please send your email address to


  10. Katie... I love your Blythe dolls! They are so adorable. I finally got one but I am pretty new at it. Do you have any websites or tips on how to customize my doll or where to get cute clothes? Mine is in desperate need of a haircut or style. Have you tried the wigs? I saw them on Etsy? Sorry for all the questions.
    My email is:

    or my blog:

  11. Amber, I'd love to learn more about the Blythe dolls as well. Is eBay the only place to really buy them?
    As for clothes, I always see lots of cute handmade stuff on Etsy and Artfire.

  12. I'll do a little blog about Blythes soon! Promise. :)

  13. aw love your blythe! im getting my first 1 soon soooo excited! Hey check out my new blog