Sunday, January 17

People I Admire

I was stopping by a couple of blogs this evening, and I thought I'd share a few people I admire and am inspired by.  Most of them will be plush artists, for obvious reasons, but there are so many people making beautiful art in many forms.

Her owls and birds are just AMAZING.  She is one of my absolute favorites. 

Nicole makes the most gorgeous everything, but especially deer busts.  I will own one someday.  I promise.  ;)

Eeeep!  Becky's plushies are so cute I almost can't stand it!!!

Eva makes the most classically pretty/cute little friends.  I think I love everything she comes up with.

Also, if you happen to stop by a bookstore soon, you can find my very own Skunkboy Creatures in Stuffed Magazine.  It seemed relevant, you know, since we are talking plush right now.  ;)

It's really neat to see your work in print.  I love it.  :)

I'm planning a shop update (for real, this time) this week.  I haven't decided on the day yet, but I will keep you posted.  I will have a couple of special edition owls, little necklaces, and maybe a new (and exciting!) feature.  Have a lovely night, everyone.  I'm getting these fingers to work.  xoxo Katie


  1. Saw your article the other day at Barnes & Noble- congrats! It was a really cute feature ;)

  2. Those are so cute! Your plushies are amazing. c:

  3. Congrats on the feature, how exciting for you! I just love all of your little creatures!


  4. Congrats on being featured in Stuffed Magazine! I saw your pages in there a few weeks ago and was very impressed!

    I have a question for you (or a few)..

    How long have you been collecting Blythes?
    Where did you purchase your Blythes from?
    Are you planning on collecting more?

    <3 Chelsea

  5. that's awesome that you were featured!

    i saw the magazine when i was at border's the other day and thought of you, but i was in a rush and didn't have time to check it out. i'll definitely have to do so son though!


  6. Thank you for the feature love! I kind of wish I still had that monkey-- he had rosy cheeks and stole my heart. He did go to the cutest owner, though, who picked him up when I was in Chicago. <3

    Chelseabird: I've had my Blythes since last Valentine's Day. I currently own 3 (one is technically Hope's), and of course I want more, but it's a hard decision! I've gotten all of mine from Ebay, but you can find some deals at Plastic Paradise. Hope this helps!

  7. Congratulations on the publication!! Your plush creatures are seriously amazing, I will own one very soon!!

    Whats your store/etsy link, I didn't see it on your page?

  8. eeek! i love the plushie cotton candy!

    and congrats to you! :)

    there is usually a shop link on the sidebar, but my shop is currently empty so it's just blank. :)

    If anyone else wants to sign up for the craft swap, please send in tonight!!! :)

  10. congrats on being published, very exciting!!

  11. Awww ! Congrats for your feature ! It seems like a super pretty one, and is well-deserved :)

    And I totally second you with your picks, particularly for Nicole/Astulabee & Eva/Misako Mimoko !

    x x x

  12. Hahahaha...oh look I'm the only boy commenting. Big surprise. I love anything creative, and I'm ok with that.

    I would definitely purchase one of your wonderful creations, as I know many friends who would thoroughly enjoy them.

  13. hello i live in the south of france and Stuffed Winter 2009 is sold out by internet...
    how could i have the magazine for my daughter who starts to make stuffanimals?
    love your blog!

  14. Oh Katie, I love Misako Mimoko as well. Eva is a great artist and I really love her work. And... Congratulations for the publication of your cute animals!!!

  15. I just bought this issue of Stuffed! Congrats!!!

    And thank you for the links :)

  16. i just saw you in that magazine & thought "hey I know that girl"... well, kinda i do!
    congrats, so cute!!

  17. this must be the most inspiring blog ever! Thankyou! / Petra from sweden.

  18. i cant wait for your shop update. I seriously LOVE your stuff. so unique. love, promise

  19. Your Blythe answers helped a lot!

    Thank you!

    <3 Chelsea

  20. They are all super cute! Especially the deer taxidermy, i want one of those :D

  21. congrats on the feature! your work is really cute and you deserve it :)

    thanks for directing me towards other awesome plush artists, too!

    so glad i found your blog, it's lovely!

    xo, katie

  22. I saw this book at JoAnn's the other day and thought.."I know her!"
    So really I don't KNOW you...but I read your blog and recognized the talent in there right away!

  23. ah! so cute! MUST get my craft table back in order NOW!

  24. yay you !! congrats on your feature and a sincere thank you too! I'm soooo flattered!