Saturday, January 30

A Blythe Kind of Day

It's very snowy here, so I spent the day indoors keeping warm, with these girls by my side.  :)

 This is my new girl.  Hope has decided she no longer wants the Saffy scalp, so this pretty Aubrena gets it.  I just love her!

 This is the girl I'm wishing for next.  :)

I hope you all had a fun Saturday!  xoxo Katie


  1. They're so cute! : ) I love that purple yarn in the background. Love it.

  2. i've made a vow to myself... once i can sew a normal sized dress i'll get a blythe... but until then it's practice practice for lily sized dresses!

  3. She is, simply put, quite perfect!

  4. Hi, I love how you dress the blythes.
    I dont have one but hope to get one soon .... and will dress my blythe up as well. You might remember me ... I bought a few animals from you a little while ago ... the batch shipped to Australia. They are all doing fine here :) Oh ... do you make dresses or shoes for blythes? Take care.

  5. I'm so jealous.
    It seems as if it's snowy everywhere else but here.
    We just get all kinds of cold.

    The Blythe dolls are lovely, as well as the yarn.
    I'd love to get a Blythe someday.

  6. cute! I love their outfits!
    Nostalgic Pop looks awesome.. I think the one at the top of my wishlist is Veronica Lace. :)
    I think you should do a tutorial post on makeup!

  7. I want to get Nostalgic Pop too! I've been checking ebay everyday trying to see if someone has her available for pre-order. Sadly, no one does yet.

  8. Dear katie,
    Ups, They are so sweet!!! Are you wishing Nostalgic Pop? She is so cute!!! I currently have two girls Friendly Freckles (Anaïs) and frosty frock (Emma) and... my next one: Tarts and tea... Ups i can not wait for her to arrive!!! Have a beautiful sunday!!!

  9. ahh i want a blythe so badly !
    i adore her pastel blue hair , so cute !

  10. oh your blythes are all too pretty and cute! love this post :D

  11. I just came across your blog & I love it! You have the cutest style!

  12. I REALLY really want a Miss Sally Rice.. but I will have to save for her! ;) Your Blythes are too cute!

  13. I recognize the red dress with white inserts on doll< I think it belonged to Hi Heidi> I'm remembering it on non Barbie doll from my childhood, wow that dress triggered memories. I used to have paper dolls with the big eyes, wish I still had them, loved their wardrobe, too hip!

  14. Hello! Just bloghopping. Great blog!

    Happy blogging! :)

  15. Hey, just found your blog- I love your photography, and your outfits are so cute!! :)