Monday, January 4

Here's the Skinny...

So, it may seem a bit self-important, but I think my birthday is my favorite day of the year.  There is always cake, celebrating with people I love, and days of parties and cards... and awesome presents... I love it!  My birthday is Wednesday, but I'm busy on Wednesday, so my party with my friends is on Tuesday.  I'm completely excited!  We are doing this:

Total excitement overwhelms me... until I think of the falling.  So, I'm trying to ingnore thoughts of falling and I hope my friends will ignore them, too.  I'll be sure to share pictures!  :)

(outtake from the Skunkboy birthday shoot)

It's gonna be fuuuuuuuuunnnnnn!  xoxo Katie


  1. What a FUN idea for a birthday party!! My birthday is December 20th and for some reason I always have a hard time finding fun things to do when it's so cold and so close to Christmas - your idea would be PERFECT!

    And that photo is DREAMY!!! I seriously love it!

  2. That's always fun! I had one of those when I was younger, and it was mighty fun! My birthday is a winter month too, so hard to find fun things to do, I'm not sure what I'll do this year. My friend's birthday is tomorrow too, and we're just going to have a fun night and watch movies, very girl's night but oh so fun!

    Let us know how it goes!


  3. Happy early birthday, Katie! Hope you have a wonderfully fun day, with or without falling. :)

  4. Cute outtake pic. I love the little heart booboo near your elbow.

  5. Happy early birthday Katie!!!
    Hope your day is magical!

  6. happy birthday you're amazing.
    Check out our blog if you have time to, we sorta just started out haha(:

  7. How fun! Can't wait to see pictures :)

  8. soooo much fun! roller skating parties are totally the bees knees :) I totally wish we were real life friends, I would sooooo be there!
    Happy almost birthday <3

  9. love love love the photo! so cute as always...have way too much fun!Happy Birthday!

  10. happy birthday (ahead of time)! i love birthdays. it's the one day of the year that it's ok to be self-important. my husband and i don't really do anything for christmas, and valentine's is always low key, but for birthdays we go big. it's the one day of the year that's all about you. hope you enjoy it!

  11. Happy Birthday for wednesday! I hope you have an awesome day roller skating. They pulled down the skate rink in my town when I was in highschool. I really wish they hadn't. Now if you wanna go to a skate rink you have to travel for like over an hour. But we have an ice skating rink like 15mins away which I love!

  12. i hope your rollerskating birthday festivities are super fun! definitely take pictures. i commend your courage. i have no balance so my birthday would be spent with a sore butt and lots of embarrassing photos!

  13. Happy Bday Katie!
    I had a bday at the roller rink 2 yrs ago and made a flyer. everyone had to dress 70's. It was a blast. Your Flyer is RAD! I hope yall have a blast!
    Oh and take your own mix of what you wanna listen too. Makes it WAY more fun and enjoyable.
    just a lil pic

  14. happy happy birthday katie! your flyer is adorable! i went to a few skating parties a few years ago...the falling wasn't soooo bad;)