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Thursday, January 30

Goal Getting

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to learn to play slide guitar-- specifically, the lap steel.  Our best friend from way back when used to play lap steel in our old band, and it seriously made every song way more beautiful.  I'm happy to report that I'm trucking along nicely and it's a great feeling to be pursuing something purely as a hobby.  I like making time for hobby stuff-- I should do it more often!

Bunny Sweater: c/o Emerging Thoughts;  Velvet Leggings: H&M;  Good/Bad/Rad Barrettes: via Emerging Thoughts;  Necklace: Datter

It's weird starting fresh at something and being kinda bad at it (I like being GOOD at things!), but it also keeps you humble.  I like humble.  It's a good quality.

Tuesday, January 14

The Sunshine Motivates Like No Other

These are just a few snapshots from one of the oddly warm days we've been having lately.  I don't know what it is about the sunshine... it makes me feel so happy and motivated.  Don't get me wrong here, I wasn't lying when I professed my love for snowy days.  I think I have a great appreciation for both.

I'm ready to really start knocking some stuff out this year.  I'm keeping a small list by my side of things I'd like to accomplish, but not counting it as a real "resolutions list".  The first thing on my list this week is helping Hope start up a little pottery business.  She got a kiln for Christmas and is interested in making a little money to pitch in toward a family vacation to Disney World.  Have I mentioned that she is a really cool kid?  Oh, yeah... all the time.  ;)

Dress: ModCloth;  Tights: ASOS;  Shoes: ModCloth;  Purse: Bali ELF;  Glasses: BonLook

Monday, December 30

Goals For The New Year

There's a lot of talk about goals with the new year coming, and like a lot of you, I've been thinking about my goals for 2014 and what I would like to accomplish this year.  This year I only have a few and I'm going to try really hard to stick with them.  I really overwhelmed myself with the goal-making last year, so I'm keeping it simple.

1.  Take 1 family portrait a month.  I believe I have 2 or 3 family pictures from all of 2013, so I'm putting this one first on my list.

2.  Learn to play slide guitar (particularly lap steel).  This is something I've wanted to do forever and I've actually already started, so I'm pretty pumped about this one.

3.  Focus on what I already do, and learn to do it better.  This is a big one for me.  I want to be good at the things I do... really, really good.  And I want to get better every year.

I'm definitely excited for the new year and I hope you are, too.  Do you have any extra special goals you'll be focusing on?  There are definitely lots more things I could put on my "list" but I think this is a really good start.  :)

Wednesday, January 2

New Year, New Resolutions

New year's resolutions are kind of the same every year, don't you think?  Most people are totally pumped at the beginning of the year and after a few months the passion is pretty much gone.  Despite this round-and-round, I make myself a good list at the beginning of every new year, not because I always accomplish everything, but because it's good to challenge yourself.  I have some big goals for 2013 and some small ones, but overall I want to make 2013 a year full of things I'm proud of.  I have a pretty long list, but here are my quick 10. 

1.  Write a children's book.  This has been on my mind for years, but I'm hoping to make it a reality this year!
2.  Jot down my day in a journal.  At the end of the year I want a journal full of how I spent my days and little happy things that happened.
3.  Answer emails EVERYDAY.  I've gotten to the point where I'm usually weeks behind on emails all of the time, and it's creating a lot added stress.  I intend to keep up better by answering some emails everyday.
4.  Cut back on the sugar.  This one's for the whole family.  We are sugar fiends, and while I don't want to cut it completely, a little more moderation would be much healthier for us.
5.  Start a daily or weekly project.  I'm totally scared of commitment when it comes to these projects, but I'd really like to have a daily or weekly project under my belt by the end of the year.
6.  More dates.  Johnny and I used to have weekly dates, but once we moved there have been almost no just-the-two-of-us dates.  We love going out with friends, but I want to make date night a priority again.
7.  Total studio organization.  It's time to get truly organized.  I still have half of my sewing stuff packed up in boxes, and it's time to really get things in order.  Who wants to come over and help? ;)
8.  Streamline blog content.  I want 2013 to be my best blogging year yet!
9.  New tshirt design and new Skunkboy products.  I'm all about this kind of stuff.  I'm ready to introduce some new and exciting things!
10.  Take at least 2 vacations.  I don't mean 1-day mini vacations.  Those are fun, but I'm ready to go see different parts of the country and different friends we've been missing!

Okay, so this is my short list, or "quick 10".  I have quite a lot of goals and mini-goals for the new year, but these are the ones that I just quickly jotted down.  If you aren't the type to make a new year's goal list, I challenge you to just write down the first 10 goals that come to you.  You may be surprised what your new year looks like!

Tuesday, January 3


Well, it's officially 2012.  My brain doesn't actually want to believe it, but that's what my phone says.  We decided to keep it low key this New Year's Eve because I was just getting over an illness and really didn't have the energy to go out.  Hope and I got dressed up, I made fondue, and we drank our drinks out of fancy champagne glasses.  It was a really lovely night and we got so rowdy at midnight that we almost woke the littlest member of our family!

I do have a few personal goals for 2012.
**Get healthy.  I know, I know... what a cliche new year's resolution, right?  I don't care about being cliche, though-- I really want to get back into shape. I started back at the gym last week and I'm enjoying it immensely.  That first week back is tough (I was SO SORE), but now I'm pushing through that and I'm starting to feel great again.   
**House.  I want a house.  I don't have to own it.  I would just love to love the house I'm living in.
**Be kind.  I feel like I'm a pretty kind person as it is, but I want to take that to a new level.  I want to be MORE kind, MORE caring, and MORE available personally to the people in my life. 
**Be brave.  2011 was a pretty good year for me.  I pushed myself more than I ever have and took many chances that I would normally hide from.  I really want that for this year as well.  
**Spend more time with my friends.  This is just a fun little goal that I think we could all use a little more of, don't you think?

Tell me, do you have any great goals for 2012?
xoxo Katie

P.S.  The winner for the double giveaway is Manda Jane!  You will be contacted shortly.  :)

Tuesday, August 24

4 Simple Goals

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Elsie's 4 Simple Goals project.  I think it's a fantastic idea, and though I am late to the game (in my defense I was out of town when this was posted), I thought I'd participate.

1.  Get organized.  I've been doing my best lately to declutter my house and be a more organized person in general, but this will be especially important with our home school adventure.  No losing papers or sifting through random piles for us!
2.  Have THE BEST time in Chicago.  My Renegade experience last year was a little on the stressful side, and I'm leaving all that behind this year.  I want to enjoy every second, have that special pancake breakfast I was promised (ahem, Kateri...), and maybe find a pretty dress to suit my growing middle.  ;)
3.  Collect pretties.  It's time to start collecting pretties for a nursery that should be close to completion by January.  I'm really excited about this goal.  :)

4.  Write letters.  I have a list SOOOO long of people I need to send letters to.  I just bought some adorable stationary, and I'm going to take the time to snail mail each and every one of them sweet, sentimental notes.

I hope your week is wonderful so far!  I'll be back tomorrow with another vacation post.  :)
xoxo Katie

Tuesday, July 27

Things to Come

As I'm looking toward the end of the year and mapping out what will be taking place, I'm doing my best not to get overwhelmed!  There are so many out of town adventures, new and old friends to visit with, and work to be done, it's hard not to get a little excited.  My default setting seems to be panic at times, but I'm not going to get overly stressed.  I'm only going to do the amount of work my body can physically do, I'm not going to worry about not knowing where we'll be living, I won't even let myself stress about meet-ups with new friends and first impressions.  I'm going to be a calm, cool, and collected version of myself.  At least, that's what I've promised for today.  ;)

(This video doesn't really relate to this post.  We've just been enjoying the new Kula Shaker album immensely, and I thought I'd share a bit.  :))

For now, I'll focus on this week, which is full of birthdays, cleaning, and packing.  We leave for vacation in 5 DAYS!!!  xoxo Katie

P.S. Thank you, THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments about the fawn.  It really warms my heart.  <3

Saturday, January 2

Goal Sharing

I sat down last night and got a good number of goals written out.  I'm still not finished, but I figure there is no harm in taking some time and really thinking it out.  Click picture to view large:

1.  Have a great birthday #28!
2.  Send at least 10 random gifts this year!
3.  Crochet a pretty blankie.
4.  Teach Hope how to sew with a machine.
5.  Stay true to fitness (no matter the season).
6.  Skunkboy t-shirts!!!
7.  Sell this house.
8.  Find a place I LOVE.
9.  Do another Renegade (or 2)!
10.  New glasses!
11.  Blog make-over
12.  Finish customizing Blythe (you know the one!)
13.  Get a new computer!
14.  Make stop-motion film w/Elsie!
15.  Acquire pretty new (old) dollhouse.
16.  Do a monthly craft w/Hope.
17.  Get a set together w/Johnny.
18.  Have a garage sale!
19.  Do a "just for fun" shoot w/Erin.
20.  Record 1 song where we are entirely happy with the results!
21.  See at least 2 great shows.
22.  Visit Christin in PA!!!
23.  Make a Blythe-size dollhouse.  
24.  Find those grey LEATHER boots!
I'm on 25 and still going.  Some of those are small goals, and some are much larger.  If you noticed that I have "'acquire a dollhouse"' and "make a dollhouse", well, I decided that we needed another dollhouse, one primarily for Blythes.  As I looked and looked last night, I decided that it would be much more fun to make one!  So, I will surely find another beautiful house at a flea market, but the dream one will be made by hand.  :)

My suitcase shelves look great no matter what they are housing!

Hope and I have been making cute Blythe headbands with her knitting machine.  So much fun!!!

I hope you have a great Saturday evening!  xoxo Katie

P.S.  Just in case you were wondering (ahem, Johnny), I'm yearning for this:

Good night.  <3

Friday, January 1

New Year = New Fun!

Happy 2010, everyone!  I can hardly believe it!  Anyway, a new year equals new goals, which equals new fun.  My first goal of the year I'd like to share is my biggest.  Well, half of the biggest.  My goal this year is to sell my house!  Of course, the second half will be moving into a new place, but we shall be taking it one step at a time!

(please forgive the naked face... I forgot my makeup. whoops.  :))

These last 2 pictures are a great example of why I'm dying for a new place.  I neeeeed lots and lots of light streaming through my house!

We stayed in a hotel last night and did some swimming, lots of bed jumping, mega pillow fight, and stayed up waaaaaaayyyy too late!  It was great.  I hope you all had a wonderful night as well.

I'll be sharing lots more goals in the coming weeks.  I'd love to hear some of yours!  <3 <3 <3  Katie