Tuesday, November 24


Okay, so I never say OMG. Like, never. It wasn't ever something I identified with, and I jumped on the texting bandwagon way late, so I guess it never took. OMG is how I feel this week. Man, there is so much happening... so much great stuff, and so many stressful things that could take you down in one sweeping motion, if you let them. I WILL NOT let them. I'm forced this year to choose between families for Thanksgiving, because my family decided they just want to have theirs at the EXACT SAME time as J's family. Yeah... nice, right? We've had this worked out for almost 10 years now, you would think everything could just be smooth sailing. Nope nope. That's not the only bit of stress, just the only one I'm at liberty to share.

(This made me really sad. I remember how hard being a kid is sometimes. Hope is a lot more well-adjusted than I EVER was. I had a really hard time as a kid... extremely shy, no friends, and very easy to tease. I made it, though, like most kids do. I need to remember that even though being a kid can be super fun, it can be very difficult sometimes, too. )

My Renegade prep is almost coming to an end. I received 3 animals in the mail today- ones I had sent off to be in the next issue of Stuffed Magazine, so that's a bonus! My suitcase shelves are being assembled this week, so I'll have pictures when they are finished, and I made my table banner last night. Just a simple little paper thing, but simple is fantastic at this point!

Yesterday, J took me AWAY from my work so I could be a real person for half of the day and we went thrifting. Miss Erin accompanied me and we found some frigggggin' amazing treasures. Okay, just one made me lose my breath for a moment, but it made my whole day. :)

I'm in love with this wool blankie with pretty embroidered flowers and yellow fringe!

A sparkly deer to sit atop my newly framed Pepperminte pics? Yes, please!


An Enid Collins box!!! I love this design. Like, it's either my fav or at least in my top 3! It was super cheap, too. That made it even better!

My studio is starting to overflow...

I can't even use my desk anymore! That's alright. It's what you want before a craft fair!

Sorry for the sad-looking photos. I don't even begin to have the energy to set-up and make things look pretty. I just shot them as-is, in bad lighting... Anyway, I'd better get to work. Several of you are waiting on ornaments. Good news- half will ship out today and half tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!!! xo Katie


  1. Love all your goodies!
    Sorry to hear about the family stuff...yuck!!!!

    Going to tell my wife about your blog if she doesn't already follow!

  2. Great thrifting finds! Also, I love your overflowing desk - it looks like so much fun!

  3. Your desk is fantastic XD

    And I am always amazed by your finds at thrifting. You have a knack for discovering the amazing.

  4. So many narwhals! It's just a cluster of horns behind your Blythe doll.

  5. OMG(I do say omg)! A golden deer? I looove it! I-must-find-one! Its purrrfect:)

    And I think your desk and creatures looks great!

  6. I wish I could remember whose blog I read this on, but I can't, so I'm just going to share it blindly.

    After this woman sent her kids off to school, she came home and took pictures of their bedrooms. Her son's was happy and messy with toys and crayons everywhere. Her daughter's was immaculately organized and had little raindrops painted on the walls (love that). She wrote something along the lines of, "Sometimes I wish that I could rent a popular girl for just an hour every morning to be with my daughter when she gets ready. Today was not a good day for self-esteem."

    Doesn't that just break your heart? I know what you mean, and my oldest daughter actually wrote something similar (about her friend) once, but still, it's just so sad to see, because you know how it feels and even though it's a part of life, you don't ever want your kids to feel that way too.

  7. Thanks for all the comments so far! I love it!

    So, not to alienate anyone who says OMG. I like it. I just feel like someone else when I say it. :)

    Coralene: just breaks your heart, right? Hope is mostly oblivious and so incredibly cool in her own way- she dresses how she wants ALWAYS, and is completely hilarious. When I see these kinds of things I just want to pull her out of public school and shelter her from everything that might take away from the bright shining light that is her personality. I know I can't protect her from everything, I just wish I could. :)

  8. Hi love your desk, wish mine was overflowing its looking a bit empty :) xx

  9. aww that letter :( poor Hope, I know how she feels. I had that friend when I was her age. She is very grown up about it though.

    I love your vintagey finds! And that blanket is gorgeous! lovelove.

  10. I remember writing letters like this in my diary when I was younger. Hope seems like a pretty smart cookie and I'm sure she'll be okay!
    Glad to see that everything is going well in the prep for Renegade!! Hopefully I'll be able to buy an ornament soon x

  11. Where do you guys go thrifting? What are some of your fav stores?

  12. Those aren't sad-looking pics. I think they're lovely pictures of your home and craft station.

    yes, that's one of the sad part of being kids but that's how they learn. it's good to let them feel some challenges and frustrations as they grow to make them stronger. -that's coming from me being single and childless. but i know that when i become a mom too, i will also try to protect my kids from everything. ^_^

  13. Boo on the family drama :( Yeah for tons of stuffed goodies! They look great!Happy Turkey day {wherever you end up!}!

  14. i like seeing all your creatures together like a happy little family!

  15. Hope is too good of a friend for me to let some jerkface treat her that way. Which one is it? >:-( Sometimes, I wish I could sit down with the mother of ungrateful, manipulative kids...

    Anyway, just thought I would drop in and say that I can't wait to put that green blanket to use with you... one day... for a future photo shoot. RIght? :D I am excited that yesterday was a good thrifting day for us. Thank you for the beautifully nostalgic moment I received through that jewelry box. I stopped myself from tearing up when I opened it. I know... sap. haha

    Hope to see you tomorrow! ;)

  16. i remember being a kid very vividly. making friends was hard for me as well. this little note reminds me that most kids must feel this way.

  17. Sadly its historical for there to be a holiday glitch like that, mostly due to stubbornness but the way we've always settled it is to flip a coin, heads is dinner, tails is dessert - that makes it non-partisan.

    the platter of owls, looks just like a cold cut platter, so cute!