Monday, November 9

I Heart Monday

It's true... in a world where most hate Monday, I am one who loves it. Today was
no exception. I got to spend time with my wonderful friend Cassie, got offered some
meat from a man wearing a bloody apron (ew!), received an awesome package in
the mail, and set up my hair appointment for Wednesday. Monday, you are great
(oh, except for the whole sitting through Girl Scouts thing).

Happy Monday, friends! I've got to get sewing-- SUCH a busy week ahead of me.
As long as I remember to enjoy it, everything will be ok. :) xoxo Katie


  1. You can do it! Thanks for the pictures... the bunny in the jumper made me goo. Have a nice day!

  2. Yes, you will enjoy it! It will be a wonderful week. I am excited to see how productive you are this week. Well, I am just excited to see you (twice). ;)
    xo. scout