Tuesday, November 3


Tuesday, Tuesday... you were not what I expected you to be at all...

This morning I spent the first few hours totally wrecked about all the tax stuff for this craft thingy... then, with the help of some sweeeeet friends I got it figured out. I spent the rest of the day doing this:

Yup, stitching owls and sewing faces. I'm almost done, and I have a really cute fabric for scarves. Hopefully it works out the way I'm wanting it to. Also, I have a new surprise! I'm taking something entirely new with me to Renegade:

Hee, hee... they are little Skunkboy Creatures necklaces and I loooooove them! I'm wearing mine today. If they go over well I'll have to make some for the shop. I'm really excited!

Anyway, just stopping in. I have somewhere to be tonight (when do I not?), so I have to get ready-- I hope you're having a cheery Tuesday! xo Katie


  1. Such a cute little necklace. And the owls! Oh my, I'm in love.

  2. i LOVE this necklace. so original & cute.
    you're working hard! yay.

  3. I love owls!! And that necklace is amazing!! Where do I get one??

  4. LOVE the necklace! So cute!!! (I can't wait for Renegade!)

  5. that necklace is ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sell it :D

  6. OhmyGod, I LOVE your blog! I love your stuffed creatures! I realy realy love the stuffed horse:)
    To stumbel into this made my day!
    Pop by my blog i'm doing a GIVEAWAY with cute buttons and nerdy glasses and stuff:)

  7. Love your necklace and your blog (i so need a Blythe now) xx

  8. i LOVE that necklace!!! it would make a perfect gift for my sister (her nickname is Hoot).