Saturday, November 7

It's 2:37 AM

It's 2:37 am and I'm half sleepy and half not. I'm very excited for tomorrow, to say the very least. I love it when people come to visit, especially people who haven't been to the home part of your life yet. I'm really enjoying my newest friends, and I hope the adoration continues. :) Can you tell I'm sappyish at night? Maybe it's the pretty Christmas lights around my dresser and this sleepy boy next to me, but I just feel like hugging something. I'll probably roll my eyes at myself in the morning... ;)

Well, if anyone was wondering, I AM surprising myself at my own motivation. When I get stressed, the last thing I do is the first I should. I've been sewing and sewing and sewing like there is no tomorrow, and the more my studio fills up, the more I want to produce. That's so funny to me, because really I'm 3 or 4 weeks out from this craft thingy, and I'm not feeling the pressure (most of the time, anyway). I'll start freaking again once this thing gets closer, trust me. :D

Hope let me borrow her Christmas tree, so I broke it out as soon as I finished the last penguin hat today. Those penguins took waaaaay longer than I thought they would. They sure are cute now that they are finished, though.

Thanks for all the feedback about my hair. I'm super excited to do it now, and you'd better believe I'll be sharing pictures! If you end up hating it, don't share. ;) There's nothing worse than the person who says, "Why'd you do that???" after someone changes their hair. Trust me, people freaked when I cut off my hair, and I got that response a ton. It's like we were in some long-hair club and I violated the code...

I should get to sleep. Have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday, but I think I'm going to go ahead and just love my weekend. <3 Katie P.S. I've decide that this is my dream... and one day I will make it come true. xo


  1. hot air balloons are a total dream!
    scary & exciting.

    have a lovely weekend. your house looks darlinggg.

  2. i'm totally afraid of heights, but i want to go in a hot air balloon soooo badly! i think i'd end up regretting it as soon as we took off though...

    i love hope's pink christmas tree! we have a 6 foot one! and the penguins are the cutest!


  3. I love the owl and penguin ornaments. They're sooo cute! I really do hope you have some left and decide to sell them on your etsy! Hehe.

    I really want to go to the hot air balloon festivals that happen and you see all the balloons inflating and taking off.

  4. loooove the little penguins! & always wanted to hot air balloon it up, i will one day soon, if the boy ever gets a job. haha!

  5. Ok, it's official. I'm saving my $ and when I turn 30 in a few years that's what I wanna do! Plus, setting it that far in advance gives me time to chicken out, if I need it. ;)

  6. i'm so scared to hot air balloon!
    my other half really wants to someday, though.
    we'll see... :)

    i love hope's little pink christmas tree.
    and that she let you "borrow" it.
    i love reading the little installments of your relationship with her.
    this is probably really cheesy, but i think you're inspiring as a mom.
    and i hope that someday i can be as neat of one as you are!