Friday, November 13

I Haven't Forgotten You...

I realize that all I talk about right now is Renegade and preparation, and I'm constantly showing off all of my new goodies. Don't worry. I haven't forgotten you. This is a crazy time for me, but I know you can't really help that a lot of you aren't remotely close to me. Sooooo... here is what I would like to do. I would like to have a shop update sometime next week. I will be posting 2 girl deer ornaments, 2 boy deer ornaments, 5 owl ornaments, and 5 penguins. I realize this adds more work to my mix, but I can't expect you to wait until after I come back from Chicago to buy ornaments.

I will announce the date and time very soon. If you are able to come out to Renegade, please wait to buy them in person. I would love to be as fair as possible to everyone.

In other news, I am absolutely a girl. Terrible, right? I loved my hair so much on Wednesday, HATED it yesterday ( I cried a bunch, of course), and now today I'm pretty much loving it again. J keeps calling me crazy. I am not crazy. Just female. ;) I also had the pleasure of hanging out with this delight yesterday:

We sent that pic to her cutie boyfriend and told him her hair was done. It wasn't. He was so sweet about it, though. Here is her real (new) color:

A little different, right? Haha. It was a good day (except for all the self doubt, but we'll save that for another day).

I'm off to Springfield again tonight to step completely out of my comfort zone, but I'll talk more about that soon. Let's just say I'm more comfortable behind the lens than I am in front of it. I'll leave you with this- a cute family being absolutely adorable.

:) Happy weekend!!! xo Katie


  1. Oooo, I really want an owl but I'm not going to have money for two weeks!! Ugh, any chance I can put one on hold? Your hair looks A-mazing, miss. I have fringe hatred the day after I cut it but then realise I cut it because that's how I like it, haha x

  2. love your new color,as well as Erin's!

    All I see when i look at that family dressed up is penises. Yep.

  3. have fun in Springfield! Wish I could come for a visit again... will you be modeling for the new RVA goodies?? Can't wait to see!

    Rachel is funny, lol! I see carrots. ;)

  4. Katie you neednt apologize - your success is kind of something the people here are rooting for, someday when youve built an adorable dynasty of your creations, we can say, 'Ha, we knew Katie wayyy back before she even did Renegade - we're old friends!'

  5. I'm excited to see how tonight's adventures turn out! :] I wish I could hang out with you, you seem like a bundle of fun.

    I loooove all of the red hair. Seriously jealous.
    you girls looks fab.

  6. I love both your and her styles - you two look gorgeous! I miss having red hair.

    Jennifer Nicole
    (I don't use the Google account. :)

  7. Hahaha- Rachel, that is hilarious...
    Um... trying to collect my thoughts... oh, yeah- yes, modeling for the RVA update next week. It was super fun. I always have fun with Erin and Elsie is always sweet and delightful. A good night. :)

    And, I hope one day to have my own dynasty. Just saying... ;)

  8. that last picture is pretty much the greatest thing i've ever seen!

  9. You are sweet. I am glad we like our hair. I want so badly to come to Renegade to see you and all the other pretties!

    Rachel... you are amazing.

  10. i need to get an ornament from you... so i can hang it on our charlie brown christmas tree.