Monday, November 2

I Am a Factory

Okay, so I realize I'm not the first to do a Craft Fair, but this is crazy. I feel like a factory! Duplicates upon duplicates... well, it's interesting, to say the very least. I was feeling quite pressured last night, so I decided to take the day and visit the craft store. Oh, Craft Store, you are quite amazing. Now I'm pumped to get to work. How's that for motivation? ;)

So, I plan to complete 10 little owl ornaments tonight. Hopefully I can just bust right through them. I also need to make more of this little feller:

He's the first horsey ornament I've ever made, and I'm quite happy with him. I'll have more of him for the shop, but probably not until after Renegade.

In other news, look at this!

I was shopping Penelope's the other day and ran across this. I love plaid, and I love jumpers, but this is the exact pattern and style of my school uniform back when I went to Catholic school. Crazy. Oh, and... no, thank you! ;)

Have a good night, I need to go be a factory some more. I also treated myself to some new tea, so I'm a very happy girl. xoxo Katie


  1. You were a Catholic schoolgirl and I was an Independent Baptist pastor's grandchild. What a pair! ;)

  2. I can't wait for your ornaments! Soo cute! Good luck @ the Renegade!

  3. i can't wait for the ornaments either. the horsey is so adorable.

  4. Wow! That is quite the factory pump-out!

    Very impressive!

    And of course, everything is deadly cute.

  5. I know what you mean, I'm working on snowman mushroom ornaments... but I can only churn out one a day tops :( It is fun to have a little army of cute plushies going though and I love yours!!! And I spotted my little mushroom in it the balloon :)