Sunday, November 22


Ha ha, if you saw me right now you might think I was a crazy person. You also wouldn't be the only one calling me crazy around here... I'm stitching up orders, making extras for Renegade in TWO WEEKS (!), and trying to cram in a ton of extracurricular projects. I don't know what my brain thinks it's doing, I don't have time for extras! I've been making it, though. I had J pull off my old (uggo) headboard and I strung up some lights and pretties to make my bedroom a little nicer.

If you could see the rest of the table that the lamp sits on you would see my HUGE mound of fabric. My bed is where I do most of my work right now. I'll show you the rest when I can... I want to get totally finished soon, soon!

I spent most of my day today finally spray painting the shelves and picking fabric for the suitcases. I CANNOT wait until they are finish. It's going to be absolute magic!

(never a dull moment...)

Speaking of magic, there are so many amazing things getting ready to happen: major birthdays, anniversaries, new tattoos, ultra special gifts being arranged... I'm so ready to share everything, but I can't just yet. Well, it is time for me to get back to work. I'm gone tomorrow, but I will be back for you on Tuesday. *kissies* Katie


  1. your bedroom looks like it should be in a dollhouse! I love it :]
    And you hair is pretty much perfection.
    I am green with envy :]

  2. Lurrrrrrve the bedroom. Too awesome!

  3. Ow wow, now I need christmas lights in my bedroom too!

  4. I love that idea in the bedroom! Before my girls came home from the hospital, I fastened one of those rope lights to the ceiling in a graceful swirling shape - it still looks magical and is a great low-light for right before lights out time.
    Oh and arent you a TEASE dangling special things without details - hey, I maybe missed it but wasnt there a supersecret something you'd made for this past summer and you were going to tell in June of July - did I miss it?

  5. Oh, I want to do a photo shoot with Hope and your lovely face! Pretty please?

  6. your bedroom is magical! and your Hope is a darling! ^_^

  7. I saw the picture of your bedroom on Tublr and would love to know how you hung up the lights that way! (How did you work out plugging them in??) It looks beautiful!