Tuesday, November 10

One of THOSE Days...

Oh, man. It has been one of those days. Things aren't sewing up as I want them, my computer keeps malfunctioning, and I have lost or broken almost everything I have touched today. I started the morning with a great idea for a bear ornament. And, he did turn out kinda cute, but he took me forever, and he was not what I was wanting.

So, in my frustration, I undid him and redid him. He turned into this:

I've fiddled with him for so long now, that I can't even decide what I think of him. I'm not sure if I'll be reproducing him. I may just throw one in the shop and call it good. I don't know...

After feeling quite frustrated, I decided I just needed a break. A break did me some good. I had some lunch, breathed a little, and gathered my thoughts. Oh, and drank my new favorite gas station drink:

And, I opened the best package ever!

Caitlin Shearer
is amazing. I can't wait to find places for these pretties!

So, that's been my day. I hope yours is going lots better. I am working on a mini fawn. It was supposed to be an ornament, but I think it's going to be too large. Par for the course, right? ;)

Have a good night. xo Katie

P.S. I have added lots of new songs to my player, if you feel like having a listen. :)


  1. HOLYCUTE! I love the new fawn! It is too cute!

  2. awwwww he was so cute in the beginning
    why'd you change the widdle bear :(

    oh well
    we have to learn sometimes don't we
    I've had to scrap entire plushies sometimes cause they just were beyond repair :(

    but i'm glad your day has gotten better sweetie

  3. I like the bear, he was so cute. But the lion is cute too!

  4. my boy is addicted to that gold peak tea - stuff. Its almost all he drinks other than water. 0_o

    and the fawn head is adorable...

  5. Aw, Katie ! Will you hate me if I daresay that I quite loved the first version of the bear ornament ?

    I love the fawn, too, indeed !

    And Caitlin's parcel ... I adore parcels
    x x x

  6. i totally understand. i'm sorry your day wasn't turning out to be candy canes and unicorns. but you make super cute things! i wish i could bu them all! seriously!


  7. I'd like to think that the bear had been wearing the white hood to cover his unruly hair... but finally came to terms with, and lovingly embraced his eternal bed head, and let the world witness his follicle chaos.

    (I say this as a person with natural, unruly, curly hair!)