Wednesday, September 16

Oh Boy, It's Wednesday

I don't have anything new to share today-- I got caught up in finishing season 3 of Dexter last night and didn't finish what I was working on. Just know that soon a little fawn will be gracing this blog. Until then, some Etsy favorites!

The prettiest vintage baby dress from Pony Party.

Perfect art from Oh My Cavalier.

Amazing fabric from Lisa Congdon.

Adore this romper from Lulu Finder.

Albino squirrel from Sleepyking!

I'm off to finish spray painting a shelf and then make some homemade pizza. I hope your Wednesday is just dandy! <3 Katie


  1. Hey! What'd you think of the 3rd Season of Dexter? I've not seen it yet and am contemplating buying it.

  2. I finished up Season 3 of Dexter last night, too! What a strange coincidence.

  3. Heather, you have to! I won't say anything to give stuff away, but we finished the season in 2 nights. Totally worth lack of sleep and the headaches that followed.

  4. Jen- what did you think of it? It was a little different from the previous seasons (I won't say why so as not to give anything away), but I really enjoyed it and now I'm sad to be done and have to wait another year!

  5. Haha.
    My current town is kind of famous for their white squirrels. We have a white squirrel park and it's definitely frowned upon to kill/bother them in any way. :D