Monday, September 28

Weekend Treasures

Here are a few of the thing I picked up this weekend:

Not really from this weekend, but awesome anyway.

When I was little I had a pair of red corduroy overalls that my mother made me. They were my favorite thing to wear, and I did so until I couldn't fit in them anymore. This dress makes me feel like I'm wearing those overalls again, which makes it the best dress I could ever have. Happy Monday. <3 Kate


  1. Very cute treasure but what is the green round thing with a handle? Can't figure it out :).

  2. Sorry, it's a vintage knitting needle case. It has slots for different sized needles, which is great for me because I'm always losing one in a pair. :D

  3. Aha, knitting needles. They look kind of short though. My grandmother always used to have gray and long ones. These are much cooler with all the colors!