Tuesday, September 22

Things to Get

A list of things to get... you know, when I become rich and stuff... ;)

This coat:

These curtains:

This dress:

This bag:

Off to eat some homemade apple pie! Have a cozy night!!!


  1. I can see why they all would be must-haves. :-) Especially the coat and bag... although, with your sewing skills you should be able to make the bag and curtains? There are some nice vintage bag handles out there which should make the bag an easy project.

  2. Love the coat and the curtains especially! I agree they are "things to get."

  3. Hmmm... Good point... I bet I could make those curtains fairly easily. Then my living room would look so much softer...
    The bag intimidates me, for sure. ;)

  4. ADORE the coat....absolutely ADORE it!