Sunday, September 20

A Ghost, A Ghost!

I kept brainstorming about what specialty item I wanted to make for Halloween this year, but couldn't decide on anything concrete. I really liked the idea of a black owl or a revision of Ghost Kitty, was was being really indecisive. Then this happened!

I'm so excited! I love Ghostie more than any Halloween thing ever. She will be in the shop tomorrow if you want to get one of your own. Happy Sunday!


  1. Your creativty still amazes me. Haha.
    I make pillows, and i can't think of anything. Ha.

  2. I love her! I love seeing how your style is so consistent and recognizable, no matter what you make.

  3. awww I loveee your little ghost

    i'm posting my mummy tomorrow and making my frankenstein soon too ^_^

    i have the most adorable devil boy up right now ^_^

  4. her! She can haunt me any day...Tamara