Friday, September 18

Yay! Friday!

Really the only thing different about weekends in my home is that Hope doesn't have to go to school. Otherwise, I'm still working and J's still working... I still love them though. Having the girly around is always great!

Here's the result from the "poll" yesterday:


I love her now! I knew she still needed something that I couldn't figure out. This suits her very nicely. Thank you all so much for your help! (Still needs a name, if that's not asking too much...)

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I've been talking a lot about spray paint lately. Here's what I've been up to:


Sorry my head has to be in this shot. It was the only picture of the cabinet I could find. Not so great at remembering the "Before" pictures...


I sanded all of the old dark brown paint off of the legs and found this pretty natural wood underneath. $10 cabinet, you look pretty! I still need to line the back in vintage paper, but you get the general feel for now. I've been on this quest to brighten up my living room-- tired of the whole cave thing. Even though sometimes that is still super cozy...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I will be doing a little bit of traveling and preparing my downstairs for a very wonderful set of house guests! <3>


  1. That red bow is just how I pictured that sweet little doe!

    How about Miranda for a name? The name means, "She who must be admired." ;)

  2. She is adorable! I need to her to go with my reindeer!
    Names... Maybe Amaryllis? Or Peony?

  3. you should post your before and after on Modish!! And that li'l darlin looks precious!

  4. That bow is very beautiful for her!
    (If you would still like a suggestion for a name:
    What about
    ? means "Darling". :) )