Tuesday, September 8

What I've Been Doing...

I haven't been getting a ton of sleep lately. It's mostly because I've been piddling around during the day and doing all my work at night. I actually really like it, except for the part where I have to get up the next morning. Here are a couple of my late night friends:

A mini Nels:

And a mother and baby Robin set (extra feathery):

The baby was so cute! I would've kept him if I could...

As you can tell by the blueness of these photos, it was pretty gloomy and hazy today. A good day for a cardigan and a cup of tea. Hope your Tuesday (that feels like a Monday) was lovely.


  1. My mini narwhal!! He's beautiful!

  2. He is so cute in person!!! Just wait till you see him-- you'll want to snuggle him all day long. :D

  3. Lol, and then I will decide I have to keep him, and that he was never a gift to begin with :P No, I'm going to give him away so I won't feel bad about buying a jackalope or Frank for myself :P

  4. Oh, these little creatures are just too cute, again!
    I am looking forward to spend some money in your etsy shop...
    Are you going to sell one "Mini Nels" someday?
    Anyway, I love all of your great works!