Monday, September 14

These Busy Fingers...

It's true. I always, always, always talk about how busy I am-- whether it's with work, life, or music, you can bet it's something. September is no different... except that I'm building myself a sweet little bit of stock. Here are some friends that have kept me busy over the past couple of weeks:

My studio is getting happier and happier. :D I wish they could all come alive and dance or something. Here are my two newest friends:

Size reference.

You have already seen her, but she got some new rosy cheeks and a better photo shoot.

And, here's another size reference. I get to see them in person, so I know just how big they are, but I realized this weekend that I should give some sort of reference point so that you will too. Hope this Monday is treating you well. See you soon. <3 <3 <3 K


  1. They are both SO sweet! I love the teeny tiny bows in their "hair." :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Your studio is adorable! I want to live in it!

  3. WOW, lots of stock, you have been busy! Your snails are definitely my faves and the new ones are so cute. :-) My little snail is sitting above my computer on a shelf smiling down on me. :-) Always puts a smile on my face looking at her.

  4. :)
    Oh, I can imagine HOW MUCH you want them to become alive and dance or something... :)
    If have created some creatures, too. I know this feeling!
    Soon, very soon, (as soon as my bank will allow that!) I will buy something in your shop.
    I am so excited, looking forward to it!!
    I am a huge fan of yours!

  5. How cute! A little forest with Blythe guardians XD