Friday, September 25

It's Strange Folk Weekend!

We are taking hope to face her greatest fear this weekend... Alpacas. That's right, my child is terrified of Alpacas, but it's really not her fault. We took her to the Strange Folk Festival last year, and while in the pen with the gentle beasts, somehow she got kicked. I snapped the picture right as it was happening (an accident, I promise).

My pictures should be happier this year. :D I'm off to finish packing. The Blythes are waiting patiently...

Have a fantastic weekend!!! xoxo Katie


  1. a similar thing happened when i went to a local fair this summer, only it happened with my nephew getting bucked off a pony ride... he was okay, didn't get hurt at all, thankfully, but it was scary and now hes afraid of ponies and horses. yeah. not cool.

  2. That's terrible-- no kiddo should be scared of ponies!!! One naughty pony ruins it for all... ;)