Tuesday, September 29


I've been meaning to thank some of the people who have been so kind to me over the past month or so... compliments, treasuries, that sort of thing... but I haven't gotten around to it, mostly because I'm easily side tracked. It always leaves an impression though, when someone you admire gives you some blog love. Today my heart is full. You can see a write up about me over on The Constant Gatherer blog. Katie Runnels' art is so beautiful and inspiring. I'm completely honored.

This is my favorite piece from her shop. It's so pretty, and I just love swans. Anyway, a big thank you to Katie. Pop over to her blog and shop and spread the love, if you get a chance. :)

One more bit: thanks to Elsie for featuring Ghostie on her super cute blog. If you haven't been to Elsie's blog, check it out. You won't be sorry. I think I'll be taking Rebecca by her shop on Thursday.

Don't forget the giveaway, and have a sweet day. I know I will- it's so cold here! xoxo Katie


  1. I have seen your adorable creatures before on Etsy, but found your blog from the Constant Gatherers post about you! You both are so inspiring and talented!! :)

  2. Oh, thank you Katie! You are too sweet to send the love right back-I really appreciate it! Best Wishes!!
    xxoxo, kt
    ps-thanks,ChloeJessica!! If only we could have a blogger convention like a trekkie one-so we could all finally meet! xo