Friday, July 31

Goodbye, Lovely State

We are leaving bright and early in the morning (again!)... like, 4am. I really should start sleeping the night before flying, then maybe I could control those pesky panic attacks at the airport. You know you've loved a vacation when you really aren't ready to leave. No part of me wants to go yet... I'm not homesick, maybe a little friend sick, but I could use a few more days here. Typing this out is actually making me a little weepy, which is a strong indicator that I should be resting my eyes. Oh, well. We had an absolute blast with our lovely friend Christin, made some more along the way, and actually met someone who has never heard of St. Louis and has no idea where Missouri is. Hee, hee... it's been quite amusing. I guess I can't really blame him. :D

Tuesday we went to Ocean City. My little one had never experienced the ocean, so it was even more fun that I could have ever imagined!

If the Lake of the Ozarks had an ocean, we could be Ocean City. ; ) We have all of the bumper cars, greasy food, and tacky souvenirs. All that's missing is the salty water and giant waves (you know, the best part).

We also made a second appearance in Philadelphia. That day is was RAINY! It poured on us, so we missed the park and spent only a brief time on South St. But we did eat at an amazing Chinese place (the name has escaped me), and Hope insisted on using her plastic chopsticks. It was quite amusing... and oh, so cute.

Of course we had to leave with an entire pie from Lorenzo's, and when we got home Johnny ate 3 of those giant pieces! He had such a belly ache!

I have lots, lots, lots more pictures to share, including fun times in Reading and the adventure we had there. I'll see you soon! xoxoxo <3 Katie

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