Tuesday, July 7


It's taken me a little while to get around to finishing her, but I think she was worth it! She's so fluffy and sweet...

If she looks a bit speckly, it's because she's made out of sparkly white felt. The fabric inside of her wings is my current favorite and I've been dying to use it. That, plus fluffy candy pink hair = horsie/pegasus fun! I'm putting her in the shop now, so if you're interested, you know where to find her. :)


  1. oh she is well worth the time you put into her, shes truly mythical looking and sweet dreamy. Pink cotton candy holds such marvelous memories of the fair held every Oct with not much new from the time I was a little girl but I still go for the smells and tastes that make roots feel good.

  2. OH i love her! I might have you make something like that for Ava's B-day next year. I love that material too. You are so talented, Im jealous!

  3. wow!! she's adorable!!
    the most beautiful winged horsie i've ever seen
    so sweet...