Saturday, July 4

I'm Home and I'm Happy!

It feels great to be home. House sitting is something I think most people enjoy, and it's not even that I love my house so much, but there isn't any other place like your own home. Right now I'm appreciating it all the more. So anyway, I thought I'd share a bit of what I've been up to, starting with some sweet flea market finds:

This little bird makes my heart happy. :D

This dollhouse closet is an instant smile maker. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found it, and it's absolutely perfect for all of our Blythe clothes!

Also, I've been working on customizing Blythes, starting with Hope's Blythe Amelie:

I carved her lips and painted her eyelids. She's a real beauty and Hope is completely thrilled! I've also been working on the purple haired girl, who will be for sale very soon. Though, today I'm loving her so much, I think I'll be a tad bit sad when she goes.

I had reservation about cutting her hair, but now I'm so glad I did, because it fits her so well.

Last but not least, in the midst of keeping up with shop orders, I've been working on some new things. The first to introduce is right here:

Lovey dovey pandas with a heart balloon-- they were originally intended to be wedding cake toppers, but they are a bit larger. Plus, I thought, "Katie, not everyone is getting married. What about people who are just in love??? That's worth celebrating, too." So, I figured this was a good compromise. They are small enough to fit some wedding cakes, but also a sweet little panda couple if someone just wanted a fun way to celebrate their own relationship. :D

So, more newness this week. Have a wonderful 4th! We'll be on the porch watching the neighbors shoot their fireworks in our super firework-centric neighborhood. xoxoxo

P.S. Sorry if my pics are dark-- I'm still on my junkie laptop, but couldn't wait any longer to post some photos.

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  1. oooh, I love that birdie. I remember having one of those doll carrier things as a kid. Mine were filled with barbies and jem dolls. cool how you made that balloon float too. glad you are home :)