Tuesday, July 14

A Fun Game

Yesterday, we played a fun game at my house. It's a game I've been ready to play for some time, which I've named Locks of Love. Here's the context: "Hey, Johnny. Want to play Locks of Love today?" He would just grin and shrug me off. Of course, I would never REALLY push him to chop his hair, it's just the running joke in our house. It did finally happen, though, and Johnny feels better already. Plus, the hair is ready to be donated.


Ick. The during hair is pretty gross. Hope did have a lot of fun cutting his hair, though. Here's the after:

Now my boy has boy hair. Honestly, I'm lucky just to have gotten an after picture. Getting pics of this guy is like pulling teeth...

We have two shows this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some interesting photos of fun band times to share very soon. These are our last two shows with our current drummer, which is sad, but at least we get to make the most of it! *hugs and goodnight*

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