Wednesday, July 22

Farewells and Robins

Well, it's just about midnight, I'm supposed to leave in 3 hours, and I haven't finished packing. Oh well, I'll get there... for now, I'm gonna sit in my bed and enjoy this moment of nothing. I mean, yes I'm typing, but it's nice to just unwind. I closed my shop on Sunday, but it's taken me until today to get everything finished and shipped off. Plus, we had to wrap up the recording we've been doing for the better part of the year and have a farewell party for our drummer/friend Ryan, who is abandoning us for recording school in AZ. I keep telling him he'll be sweaty there, but he never listens... :D So, here's your final bye bye, R. Hope AZ treats you kindly.

Ha ha-- as if it wasn''t bad enough that I had this photo made into a GIANT face cake, now it's on the blog! Hee, hee... there's a story behind this-- it includes a car wreck, a show, and a lot of pain killers...

I hope all of you have a wonderful next couple of weeks. I'd like to say that I'll stay away, but who knows... I may just like you toooooo much.... ; )

P.S. I am making myself one of these when I get back. Every time I look through my photos I decide I need one in my house to keep my doli Miss Bows company.



  1. HAVE FUN! and say hi to pennsylvania for me. are you going to go see christin (sp?). i miss her. i miss pennsylvania too. i can't think of anything to tell you to eat except a really good hot dog (disgusting I know, chalk it up to baby cravings--and the fact that they are all beef here and kinda yucky).

  2. The first thing we did was go to Lorenzos and eat a huuuuuge piece of pizza... which was not wise, considering my complete health kick this summer. I miss you, Amy. I was thinking of you yesterday and how I wished you could be here, too (we were talking about the ol' Crayola Factory...).