Sunday, July 5

A Sale, A Sale!

So, I'm currently trying to save for my vacation, (which is coming oh-so soon) and I've decided to do a sale in the shop for all of my blog readers! Type in destinationPA in the note to seller box at checkout, and get 10% off starting now and ending @ noon on Saturday. I will have to exclude custom orders from qualifying for the discount, but anything that is available in the shop is fair game!

This is my newest, most favorite owl cake couple to date. They are so simple and classy... and shipped out tomorrow, Leslie!

I hope the sale is good for some of you. I promise to have the pandas in the shop this week, and I'll get that pegasus finished and up. Pretty pictures of a custom robin coming tomorrow! Hope your 4th was wonderful!


  1. OK SERIOUSLY! I have been wanting to have my very own marbles, but i'm kind of strapped for cash... so i've been watching for about 6 months now hoping you'd do a sale, and just when I'm thinking it's never going to happen... sure enough, you have! you better believe I'm buying one! This instant!

  2. Hey, just wanted to tell ya, you've been featured on my blog... compendium of cute. I think you are amazing, btw. :)

  3. Thanks, Tee*! That was so super sweet of you!!!