Saturday, July 18

The Last Waltz

Okay, so I wish our last show was as great as the Last Waltz, but it was fun all the same. Rather than posting a ton of photos, I'll just post a few + a montage. I'm feeling a little sad about it all today... the last song we played last night was definitely a bit teary...

That's that Mattress Man. It was a ride. P.S. My BF Rebecca took most of these.


  1. OMG I took those pictures!!! (???) Woah. :)

    Your show was fun and I'm happy you played Rosary and I think you have a pretty voice.

    I have soft feelings for all of you.

  2. I love you, Berecca. I also have soft feelings for you. Could you tell from all of the hugs last night?

  3. Tha's right I'm the BFF.

    Come back to Springsilly. My life feels much happier when I am hangin' with my peeps at the local all-night breakfast-ery at 1 am. As it stands, I'm just all alone being lame at 4:30 am. Sadface.

  4. p.s. loved the hugs