Saturday, August 1

We Are Back and the Shop is Open!

We are back from vacation-- a day early because of a mix up with grandparents, but back all the same. I've gone ahead and opened the shop, I know a couple of you are needing to place orders for birthdays.

I couldn't wait any longer to post my pics of the fun we had in Reading, PA, so here they are! This was one of my very favorite days-- and, my last day there.

This was the best cafe! So many different types of hot chocolate... I wish I had some now. It would feel so good on my sick throat...

I showed my friend Christin this feather picture that I was going to use as a tattoo template, and she took me to the greatest tattoo place. The place was Dragonfly Tattoo, and the guy was... well, David Dragonfly. He was so incredibly nice and relaxed, and even with a bit of chaos happening around us, so focused... which was much appreciated, considering the circumstances. ;)

This is a pic I took in the car, because I couldn't wait to get home to my "real" camera any longer. I guess I was just excited to share! Hope's point and shoot was great for the trip, but I'm ready to get back to my own. Very soon...

After, we went for Rita's, as kind of a reward. It was so tasty. Mmm... Mango...

I told Johnny how very delicate he looked in this picture...

So he showed me just how tough he can be. :D

Hope loooved it!

I am a bit sad to already be jumping back into "regular" life, but in some ways it is good to be home, and it will be good to see some friends tomorrow. That's all for now. Time for cold medicine and sleepies... Goodnight.


  1. oh hi!! i featured and LOVED one of your photos on my BLOG!


  2. i just saw this on pinterest! i didn't know you have a feather tattoo! i have one in a similar spot.