Thursday, October 9

Yay for my Followers!

I think it's so cool that I have people following my little blog! It warms my heart...

In other news, if you've liked any of the new stuff I've been posting, check my shop because it just might be there now. I made my second Ostrich-- I like him even better than the first. This one has a neater beak and skinnier legs. I also put wire in the feet so he would stand better. I never send out the prototype, they help me figure out what to do differently. You should see my house, a zoo of slightly off creatures...


  1. ohmygod. i love these little lovelies so much. had to kirtsy your shop.

    you are talented. beyond. plus? half of the magic is in the names you've chosen. well done.

    karey m.

  2. OH my, Oh my....I didn't think it was possible to love your work even MORE Katie but, this little ostrich just did it....ACK, love. him.

  3. SO cute!!! yay!! he's so adorable!! i would love to take a stroll through your slightly off zoo...and if anyone winds up in my pocket, it was only cuz i thought they looked cold...