Saturday, October 25


I grew up in the 90s. So, like most teenagers, I was in LOVE with My So-Called Life. This meant I adored Claire Danes. I still do. Not really her recent work, just Claire Danes circa 1990-something. All this being said leads me to this: I bought a pair of angel wings for Halloween. I usually hate girls dressed up as angels, but I couldn't resist. Remember Claire in the "Just Like Anyone" video? I still randomly start singing that song. Remember her in Romeo and Juliet? I had to buy the wings. So it remains, my love for her lingers.


  1. I still have the soundtrack in my i-tunes!! That move was the best, s o pretty. I love Moulin Rouge too, Baz Luhrmann is the best.

  2. I 100% understand and agree. I definitely wanted to be her in those angel wings waiting for Leo to climb to the balcony. fo sho. Good choice for Halloween!

  3. I ADORE her as well. Something about her is so intriguing. Have you ever seen Brokedown Palace? Not her best, but a movie I loved solely because of her presence.