Thursday, October 23


I've been working on this two item custom order forever, it seems. I made the first giraffe, but decided it was too delicate for a 2 year old, so I made a second giraffe to suit her a little better. They weren't the hard part, though. I've been fighting with this little lizard a bunch, and finally completed him today. Whew. He's for a girl getting her PhD working with lizards, so that put a little pressure on. She knows what this lizard should look like and I didn't want to screw it up.

Anyway, this is Betty.

And this is the lizard... his belly is blue. I think he is much more impressive in person.

Hopefully she loves them both.


  1. oh i think betty is such a cute one with her lashes and little bow!
    and the lizard is very nice too, i'm sure this person will love them!

  2. omg! they are fantastic!! well done, as always :)

  3. What an adorable giraffe! When I have my first baby, I definitely want that for their nursery!