Friday, October 10

Today is a Day That Makes Me Cry ( in the good way)

I've been super stressed this week. It's really no secret that I don't handle stress super well... I find myself just waiting for that point when life slows down, but it never does. This specific week we've been recording songs in the studio, preparing for a wedding on Saturday where we will be playing music (ugh*I don't really like playing weddings but when friends ask...), and sewing like mad to try and keep up with orders... let's just say I'm low on sleep.

*Here comes the good part... the part I like:

I got a convo this morning from Wendy to let me know she had featured me on her blog. She did a lovely piece and my heart swelled.

Then I checked my blog and found a really sweet comment from Karey M. So I went to check out her blog and found this piece. From then on, I knew all of my efforts had not been in vain, and I had been given the exact encouragement I needed to keep on truckin.

So, I was checking the rest of my regularly visited blogs... went to Melissa Loves... started to get a little weepy. So often I feel a bit like the underdog, not because anyone treats me badly or ignores me purposefully, but because I'm in a market with TONS of wonderful things offered, and sometimes it's hard to get noticed. I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Thank You." Not just to these sugary, spicey, wonderful ladies, but to everyone who's said a kind word, or told a friend, or bought a creature. Today I feel especially loved.


  1. Hey! I've tagged you @ my blog here:

  2. See! We love you, we really really love you! :)

  3. aww- so good that you got that boost when you needed it the most! i would love to feature you on my blog but my one follower wouldn't help you out much- hahah- i've got you on the backburner when i gather some speed, though!!!