Wednesday, October 8

Oh My Newness

I am a true lover of alchemy. I've made some of my favorite animals because of special requests. That being said, I do have a tendency to over-think things, which lends itself to extra stress (yay). I think I really love these two new guys, though. Monkey and I had a hate/hate relationship for most of his creative process, but in the end I am most happy with him.

I've been wanting to make a Pegasus for a while now, but haven't been able to find the time. I did steal some time to finally make her. I am also pretty happy with her, though my pictures aren't stellar. She'll be in my shop soon... I just need to take some better photos.

Lastly, I decided to splurge on a doll from the Black Apple. I'm glad I did, he is so lovely in person. Sam has gone everywhere with me since he showed up on my doorstep... this even includes helping me record accordion and harmonica last night in the studio. He is my newest and most favorite companion.


  1. The monkey is AMAZING. He is my fave. by far.

  2. Love all of these!! How unique and fun!

  3. oh dear god, how could you be mad at monkey?? hahaha! he's so perfect. and his ears are so big- i bet he heard your grumblings...he needs a hug.