Thursday, October 16

Tag... I'm IT!

I was recently tagged by HerAnatomy. This means I have to share 7 things about myself, so here goes nothing:

1. I have a sick obsession with music. I listen to music on vinyl all day. My collection has been doubled for the past week because a friend went out of town and I borrowed all of his records.

2. Linking obsession with music-- is my music. I play in a band called The Flat Earth Society. We have some recordings that aren't extremely good examples of our style... we were encouraged to record these specific ones because they were our most "upbeat, radio friendly" songs. I play all piano, wurlitzer, organ (my Vox Jaguar is my favorite), harmonica, and accordion. Sometimes I sing, but even after 5 years I still get freaked out. I am currently writing the score for a short independent film.

3. I wish for a kitty. Unfortunately, certain people in my house are allergic.

4. I have 3 children's books written. I plan to use photos of Skunkboy Creatures in mixed media to illustrate them.

5. A big steel van crashed through the front of my house last October. Gotta love neighbors who let their 3 year old kid play in a running vehicle...

6. I am a photographer. I'm supposed to be setting up a studio in my downstairs, but Skunkboy Creatures has become my full time job. I still do portraits and weddings on weekends (not every weekend), but spend the week sewing and shipping.

7. I've been married for almost 8 years. Yes, I'm only 26... we took the plunge pretty young...
my husband is a songerwriter/singer/guitarist. He's fun to play music with.

So now I'm supposed to tag people, but I feel bad to tag anyone specifically, so if you want to share anything about yourself with me, you know how to reach me.


  1. Katie---thanks for sharing! You are very interesting----the accordian?! Amazing. The van!?!?!?! How horrifying, I can imagine how weird the noise must have been, and then how even weirder to figure out what the noise was and that it was because of a child. I really hope you blog about your film and the illustrations for your books (please, please?).

  2. Good lord, that van! I hope that kid wasn't inside!

    When your books are published, I want to buy copies! That will be so so very cute! :)

  3. You. Are. Cool. :) Yes, we want to see your books! Awesome.

    Sorry you can't have a cat. :(


  4. Is that you singing on Rosary? I like!! The harmonica is the best.

  5. Yes, that's me on Rosary. That song is so unlike the rest of our music... well, the beginning of Closer is, too. Anyway, we do a slower, more groovin version of Rosary now which I like much more.