Saturday, October 25

Closing the Shop...

Hello, again my friends. I've been wrestling with this, because it's something that I really don't care to do, but I think on Monday I'm going to close my shop for a week or so. I realize that in the grand scheme of things this isn't a big deal, but right now it's a big deal to me. I just got my first "real" wholesale order which needs to be filled, and I keep getting orders on top of that. It's not fair to put one over the other, so I'm closing shop for a little while, and when I come back I'll be ready for Christmas orders. So, I guess if there are any last minute orders you wish to place, you can do it before then. Thanks so much, everyone. You've been great to me (does this sound like a farewell speech, or what?)!

These are my little friends who are embarking on an adventure to Australia! Yay!


  1. Oh wow, they are coming to my land down under huh? lol... what's happening with them when they get down here? Was it just a big order or is it for something bigger and better for you?

  2. You gave me a heart attack, my friend! I'm glad it's just to fill an order -- I'm struggling myself with how to fill orders and wholesale orders and maintain any semblance of sanity. :)

  3. take your time! no worries...we all need a break. and you're actually making cool stuff!