Tuesday, October 7


This weekend I went to see Ryan Adams and the Cardinals at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. The venue was amazing. I found myself wandering around just the bathroom in awe. It was absolutely beautiful.

Ryan Adams always puts on a good show. This was my third time seeing him live, the first time being the best, and the other two being a draw. He is a temperamental guy. He gets so mad when people talk or holler at him... the second time I saw him he played for (maybe) 45 at the very most and then stormed off stage because people were talking. That's fine, I guess, but what about the fans who were listening and loving it? I didn't ask those people to be inconsiderate.

This show was pretty good though, excluding some questionable song choices. His voice did sound better than ever, and I always enjoy the drummer and steel player... bass player-- not so much.

Anyway, it was fun overall, but the highlight of the trip was buying the new Jenny Lewis album on vinyl. First of all, I think every record should come with a cd inside. I doesn't seem right to charge someone twice for your music, and I always buy on vinyl if I can. This one did, so I was pleased. The album is great... she's really outdone herself this time. Plus, Zooey Deschanel (swoon) who I LOVE is all over it, Chris Robinson appears on a couple of songs. Just candy for my ears. So, yay... a new record I love.

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  1. I love Ryan Adams as well. Saw him in January... Amazing show! I truely did enjoy it... I also enjoyed the cactus backdrop! Glad you saw a great show and I am hopeful that he will come again soon!

    Happy Trails...