Monday, October 20

Oh, My Lovely Tara

I'm aware of the fact that none of you know Tara, but I think wedding stuff is exciting, so I thought I'd share a bit.

I woke up Saturday morning with the flu. The flu. Tara's wedding was at 7 that night, I was getting there at 5 to start pictures, and I felt like dying. I rested for most of the day, medicated myself, and showed up as a very lethargic version of me. Try feeling like a zombie and directing wedding participants for pictures. It was draining. Anyway, all turned out well-- the wedding was amazingly beautiful. It was outside in a candle lit gazebo at 7:00 in October, so it was more than a little nippy, but once everything got started my frozen fingers couldn't have cared less.

I'm thrilled because I've known and loved her forever. Her new husband is so wonderful and their 3 year old is one of the cutest ever! So, now Tara is married. The end.


  1. you poor thing! the pictures turned out beautifully- fantastic job!

  2. Love your photography. Love how you put them together in a collage too. Lovely!!